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Verint Financial Compliance (VFC) Reseller And Verint Voice Recording Partner Delivering The Services You Need

Market Communications is proud to be recognized as a fully authorized and experienced Verint partner and reseller. We’ve combined our organization’s knowledge and expertise with comprehensive Verint financial compliance (VFC) and voice recording solutions.

We have provided our clients with a full array of recording and compliance solutions for over 20 years.  Our partnership with Verint keeps in line with our mission to recommend, design and deliver the most current and innovative products available in the global marketplace.

As a Verint financial compliance and voice recording solutions partner, we serve as your point of contact, service provider, and expert-on-call whenever you require the most current and dynamic resources. There are many advantages to be gained, specifically those that are essential to unified communication compliance services and promotion of streamlined, ethical, and risk-free operations throughout your company.

Why Choose Market Communications As Your Verint Partner?

When you choose us as your connection to Verint, you’re getting access to fully certified technical services and the knowledge of our expert level team. We’re dedicated to identifying the best possible options for your organization. That means your priorities, initiatives, and requirements are always front and center when implementing Verint recording and financial compliance solutions.

When you require adjustments and upgrades, without a major interruption to your business or systems, we pair our expertise with Verint’s capabilities to cater a fully integrated, unified voice trading communications platform.

Tell us what you require and where you’d like to improve on your financial compliance and recording capabilities, and we’ll use our expertise to design and implement a platform that is best suited to your needs and is also fully capable of growing with your goals.

We don’t just set up the solution and leave you to adapt and adjust; we’re with you anytime you need us — accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We provide flexible maintenance service programs and fully responsive support. It’s all a part of our commitment to excellence in serving our clients and fulfilling our role as a valued Verint partner.

Unique Advantages Through Our Verint Reseller Capabilities

Verint’s services address many pressing compliance issues that concern a number of industries, particularly those in the financial sector.

Their solutions are catered to the needs of retail companies, investment and community banks, private wealth and asset management organizations, advisory firms, credit unions, dealers and brokers, regulators, and other businesses and institutions that rely on turrets/dealer boards, telephones and mobile devices.

Through our partnership, we help simplify and improve the processes of monitoring, controlling, capturing, storing, analyzing, and organizing a variety of data gathered from various transactions and communications across all modalities.

These capabilities aren’t limited to voice, mobile, and turret/dealer board communications; full compliance recording is possible with instant messages, video communication, screen and file sharing, Skype for Business, Cisco UC, Avaya, and more. The result is more reliable compliance and reduced risk while meeting all applicable standards, laws, and regulations.   

Verint’s Ethical Wall, unified communications recording, automated verification, and open architecture are just a few capabilities that set this solution provider apart. As we work together, we’re able to ensure our clients go above and beyond when it comes to compliance and risk mitigation. 

These services are meant to be proactive, maximizing protection against breaches while providing constant assurance that all communication and transactions will be retained for full accessibility. With that accessibility, your organization is able to efficiently identify and prevent inappropriate interactions, intentional and unintentional violation of policies, and other issues that create costly risks. 

All data obtained through Verint and Market Communication’s compliance solutions can then be easily identified, retrieved, analyzed, transcribed, and more. This is possible without the need for heavy human oversight, which saves cost and time, while improving your compliance capabilities and protections.                 

If this solution sounds attractive, but you’re concerned with the time and trouble required to overhaul or modify your current system, we can assure you that seamless integration is no problem. You don’t need a major overall to get your compliance measures up-to-date and beyond.

What’s Possible

The ability to protect your company against fines, penalties, breach, and other hazards is well within your reach. You can gain peace of mind when you know all relevant communications and transactions will be recorded, stored, and available to you whenever your company needs to access them.

You can have all this without an excessively costly, time-consuming, and disruptive overhaul because Market Communications is here to ensure your upgrade integrates smoothly and seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. That’s the assurance you get when you choose us as your Verint regulatory compliance partner and global reseller.  

Getting Started 

If you’re ready to learn more about what Market Communications provides as a Verint Veba, voice recording, and regulatory compliance solutions reseller and partner, contact us now. 

We can explain how Verint’s offering and our services will be relevant to your daily operations and how this unique combination will maximize your regulatory compliance capabilities and risk protection.

We’ll walk you through the integration process and address your specific requirements so that all of your needs are met, thoroughly and efficiently. 

You can call us toll-free to get started or complete our contact form so a member of our team can get in touch with you promptly.