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Our World Class Consultants bring a Digital Asset Valuation Approach to Cyber Risk Management.  Here are some of the questions we help you answer and give lift to your cybersecurity posture and compliance program:

1. What are your most valuable digital assets?

2.Where do these digital assets reside, who owns them, how are they categorized, and how do they compare to one another in terms of cyber risk?

3.What relationships do you have with vendors associated with these assets?

4.How well are you protected against a cyberattack? 

5.What is your current cyber resiliency or  your “after the event” plan?

6.Do you have enough budget for your cybersecurity program? If not, why not?

7.Do you have enough resources, and how do you prioritize them?

8.How effective are your cyber controls? How do you know?

9.Do your have enough cyber insurance?

10.If we were planning to sell any company business or segment, how would your current cyber resiliency impact your acquisition price?