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Trading floor recording is a technology that securely records and stores multiple audio recordings. It is also referred to as call center recording, Cloud recording, call logging. Trading floor recording capabilities are imperative for financial institutions and other organizations that must meet with specific regularity and compliance requirements. Todays trading floor recording technology is derived from that used by air traffic control centers and military units in the 1930’s and 40’s. Those massive recording systems were operated by an army of technicians in order to record conversations, directions, and other important audio. While the need to reliably record audio for purposes of communication, monitoring, and record-keeping is still prevalent in today’s financial institutions, the technology that makes it possible has advanced considerably.

Trading Floor Recording For Security And Compliance

Today’s trading floor recording is based in digital technology, which allows for secure and discrete data storage that’s easy to organize, retrieve, and manage. Digital technology makes it possible to interpret and translate strings of data into understandable audio numbers. Trading floor recording also uses analytic voice recognition, allowing for digital recording, storage, and playback of human speech that can also be converted into a readable text format. Other trading floor recording features include IP technology, such as voice over IP (VoIP), which allows for fast and flexible capture of call audio and full compatibility with IP turrets and other IP systems. Trading floor recording works with the Cloud for recording storage, remote monitoring and administration, mobile phone recording, and free seating recording, which identifies the channel, turret, and trader using the channel during a call. Trading floor recording retention and replay archives past recordings for a predetermined period of time and also allows for easy retrieval of recordings as needed.

Why Choose Market Communications For Trading Floor Recording?

Market Communications maintains and supports trading floor recording systems for NICE and Redbox throughout North America, the United Kingdom, Moscow, Spain, and much of the Asia Pacific region. We’re able to promptly serve the needs of so many international customers thanks to our gold standard recorder partners. We provide flexible, scalable, and reliable call recording solutions for companies and organizations in financial, utilities, and energy sectors, as well as emergency and disaster response operations. When you choose us as your trading floor recording provider, you can expect a level of customer service, support, and cost savings that come from working with an experienced communications solutions provider. Our longtime vendor partnerships and decades of experience means that you get access to a comprehensive selection of technology and solutions at the most competitive prices.

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We’re committed to serving your needs quickly. When you’re ready to get started, or you’d like to learn more about trading floor recording, call recording compliance, and the NICE and Redbox recorders we provide, call us directly. You can also reach us through your current consulting partner or our global vendor community. Don’t forget to ask about our Customer Care Program for technology upgrades.