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Avaya Phones, Avaya IP Office, And Other Avaya Communication Systems For Business

Market Communications provides the Avaya IP Office hybrid phone system that serves as both a standard IP and/or digital phone system that’s ideal to meet many business needs. 

Avaya phone systems have all the features of standard PBX communication systems and gives your business a streamlined means for upgrading to the latest communications capabilities while maintaining what works best for your company. 

The IP office is not simply a communications software based solution; it is designed to be used as a hardware and software combination. In addition, it can be run on mobile devices and can include an app extension that easily integrates into your smartphone. 

Avaya IP and/or digital desk phones give your team the ability to manage their communication in a more intuitive and productive manner. They are easy to customize, provide clear and reliable connectivity, and make traditional and specialized features more accessible.

The Avaya IP Office provides everything the operator needs to manage their contacts and call history, participate in conference calls, and a complete a range of other tasks, which contributes to increased productivity and enhanced capabilities for your team.

The Avaya IP Office also supports your growth and goals. It’s a nimble, cost-effective system that’s best suited to the needs of small to mid-size organizations. This system is an excellent option for businesses with multiple locations that are also seeking ways to reduce their operating costs.

This is a solution that’s perfect for the forward thinking company, with full capabilities for supporting a combination of analog, digital (TDM), IP, SIP, remote, and softphone communication options.

The Avaya IP Office comprises a completely scalable system. It’s a great solution for a very small number of users, and can just as easily accommodate hundreds of users and lines.

This system can grow and adjust as you require, helping you avoid typical obstacles and slowdowns that hinder your operations.


Avaya Phone Systems Installed And Supported For Your Unique Needs  

Avaya SIP phone systems are business communications solutions that are suitable for many different organizations and businesses. The system supports a wide variety of desk phones and softphones from the most basic to the most elegant.

Though Market Communications currently install and support the Avaya 9608 IP desk phone as part of our Avaya IP Office offering, we give our clients the option to integrate different phone models into this system. We can assist in the integration process and help you transition at a pace that best fits your company.

Market Communications has special experience serving the needs of clients in the financial and trading industry, as well as those in quality control and customer service. We have completed installations and support communication systems for phone banks, emergency and first response organizations, power, energy, and utility providers, medical and patient care centers, among many others.

We work with large companies and institutions in addition to small businesses. We are here to support the needs of professionals when they require a robust and capable phone system, along with all necessary maintenance and support services.

Market Communications provides additional systems and services that enable Avaya phones to be coupled with recording and compliance resources, as well as other business communication essentials.

9608 IP Deskphone
Avaya 9641
IP Office
Why Choose Market Communications As Your Avaya Phone System Provider?

We have the experience and expertise that sets us apart from the rest. We’re proud to offer competitive prices, but the real value you get from Market Communications is reputability and consistency from a provider that understands communication technology and how it can be best utilized.

We know you have many choices when it comes to your communication systems. Your success depends on your ability to stay connected and current using the latest technology, but you need to find a solution and a provider that can accommodate your unique requirements.

As you consider your options, you may feel your decision should be based on the best price for the best capability. You get that and more when you choose Market Communications, but you’ll also receive a unique level of customer service and dedication that you won’t find from our competitors. 

Whether you’re ready to replace your existing phone system or you need to open phone lines for the first time, we can help you identify and realize an optimal solution for your specific needs.

We’re here to help make any transitions as easy and streamlined and possible, ensuring your team can adjust quickly and painlessly.

Market Communications specializes in technology refreshes that enable our clients to stay competitive and capable, whether migrating to a full IP office solution or a hybrid option that includes new capabilities with existing, older legacy and digital, wired technologies.

Our goal is to get you set up with a system that works based on your current needs as well as your future goals. 

This is where our experience in identifying the right options for the right customer makes all the difference. Additionally, our technological expertise, and numerous partnerships with equipment and service providers, gives us a unique edge in providing products and services that grow and adjust to our clients. 

Getting Started

If you’re ready to learn more about what an Avaya phone system can do for your company, contact us today. 

Market Communications takes the time to discuss and understand your needs to develop a design that will serve as the most effective solution, along with a quote. We closely coordinate with your team and our partners to ensure the installation process goes as smooth as possible.

If you require expedited service, we’ll take the extra steps to complete your installation in a timely manner with respect to your individual situation and schedule.

Call us toll-free or complete our contact form and let us know the best way to get in touch with you.