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Red Box call recording systems are a proven solution when call recording, monitoring, and acquisition are required by an organization. Our clients in the financial industry, call centers, command and control, and other institutions rely on us to implement and support this technology.

In the financial community, this software is used to record business and trade transactions for purposes of regulatory compliance related to your company, MiFID, MiFID II, and Dodd-Frank legislation. While many organizations use this solution for compliance purposes, it is also a valuable tool for customer service training and monitor needs, employee evaluations, emergency response audio capture, and more.

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Why Choose A Red Box Voice Recording System?

Among the key advantages that come with Red Box telephone voice recording are it’s user-friendly, easy to deploy and manage features. If you must recall and review the contents of a call for any reason, whether in audio or optional text format, you can efficiently do so thanks to the capabilities of this system.

The system offers scalability and reliability and can be readily catered to the needs of just about any organization. Factors such as the amount of recording retention time and remote accessibility of calls can be adjusted based on your unique requirements.

Red Box voice recording systems make it possible to maintain and transfer information so that it’s remotely accessible. This technology can easily accommodate organizations that maintain multiple locations, whether local, regional, or all around the globe.

Recording systems will work with a range of VoIP and digital communications programs, such as Skype. It can be combined with varied telecommunication solutions, making implementation as seamless as possible for your personnel.

Systems can be combined so that a primary setup functions as the standard recording repository, while a standby or secondary system serves as a hot-standby backup in the event of any primary upset. This alleviates the risk of any lost recordings in an event of a failure or emergency.

Recordings can be accessible for whatever period of time you require, ensuring that compliance and protocol are maintained by your organization. You tell us how long you need to maintain your recordings, and we’ll ensure that you have a system to accommodate those requirements.

Whenever a call must be accessed for review, Application Programmable Interfaces (APIs) allow you to connect to your trading system or your PBX, so that you can get additional data, or meta data, related to your search and replay. This enables efficient identification of an individual user and a specific recording.

The optional audio-to-text application converts calls to a readable, searchable text format, making it possible to perform keyword searches based on the content of a call. You can easily pinpoint the information you need in less time.

Market Communications As Your Red Box Recording Service Provider

Market Communications has partnered with Red Box for over six years. As an authorized reseller, we install and support their products. When you rely on us as your Red Box provider, you get more than a onetime service; you get the benefit of our expertise and experience, as well as all other essential services for maintaining this system.

As a compliance essential, the Red Box call recording technology we offer is constantly evolving to meet with the most current compliance and performance standards. We’ve made it our mission to help you implement manageable solutions that ensure your organization meets and exceeds all standards, even as they change.

We primarily serve the financial industry, but we can readily provide solutions for many other professional sectors that require reliable call recording technology and related services. We take the time to help you determine which system and components will best suit your needs.

This is part of our collaborative approach. We work closely with our clients and our partners at RedBox in order to identify, implement, and maintain the right solution for a specific organization.

Our past and current clients have a diverse range of needs, including those who require call recording services strictly for their own internal practices and those that must maintain comprehensive recording and archiving practices for larger regulatory compliance, such as Dodd-Frank, MiFID, MiFID II, and other legislation.

Along with Red Box voice recording systems and services, we offer comprehensive diagnostics, which are fully automated and can be completed twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The entire system infrastructure can be tested, from all hard drives, through the cable and PBX systems, to all handsets, in order to verify proper functionality.

Any issues can be clearly and efficiently identified for repair. This service can be performed on Red Box systems as well as other types of recording and communication technology that we provide.

Pricing is based on recording licenses and channels, the capacity of the system, and the need for standby or redundancy systems.

We can have a system fully implemented in as little as two weeks. This varies based on the scope of the implementation and the needs of your organization.

We maintain and support all of the technology we offer. Warranties vary based on specific hardware and systems.

To discuss your requirements and get a quote, complete the contact form here on our website or call us at our toll-free number.