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AVT Systems was founded in London, England in 1992 with a client focused vision to provide global support and a wide-ranging inventory of equipment for legacy trader voice and recording systems used within the financial sector. They possess over a century of combined voice trading system and technology expertise with resources fully capable of supporting major voice trading systems manufactured by BT, IPC, Etrali, IP Trade, Speakerbus, Nice Systems, Red Box Recorders and Verint.

AVT has first-hand experience and a proven track record of providing support services for global trading floors including major exchanges, blue chip banks, brokerage firms, fund managers, and business contingency/DR rooms. They develop programs to assist financial firms in sweating their assets and extending the service life of their systems after the manufacturer imposes EOL/EOS.

BAY STREET EST. 1861 was founded in 2007 as a full service communications company to provide consulting, design, implementation, support and alternative maintenance services to the financial services and energy industries across Canada. They have a global reach with offices throughout Canada and are strategically aligned with partners in the United States, South America, Europe and Asia to support their customers.

Considered as one of Canada’s elite voice trading system solutions providers, BAY STREET has highly skilled sales and engineering teams with the experience to resolve your challenges and address concerns. They have the knowledge and qualifications to support legacy voice trading systems that have been or are reaching End-of-Life, as well as the skillset to plan, design, propose and implement a transition path for you to migrate to a new platform.

Comtel Global Services (CGS) an operation and technology company led by industry experts, engineers, technicians, administration, and process managers. CGS production/technology and delivery solutions varies from parts to full systems, cover various industries (Finance/Government/Medical/manufacturing), and are sold/delivered around the globe. We truly believe that at the end of the day whether its an operation solution a technology solution or both, we will provide superior solution delivered an excellent end-user experience while complement our customer’s operation.

Interaction Insight Corp is a provider of voice recording and other specialized voice applications in the financial services, public safety, and call center markets.

We are uniquely positioned as a provider of voice recording due to the fact we take a best of breed approach and find the best and most appropriate solution for every engagement.

Our agnostic approach is based on our direct experience with the market leaders over the past 20 years in the voice recording industry.

JP Reis take the risk out of technology transformations in our specialist field of converged communications. You can access our consultancy and program management services from regional bases in New York, London, Hong Kong, Ireland, and Australia.

We have provided consultancy, engineering, and project management resources for some of the world’s most complex transformation projects. Our consultants are qualified to meet your latest challenges as rapid evolution affects technology, the regulatory environment, and working practices.

KGM has been a trusted advisor to the Financial Industry for over 24 years. The foundation of KGM is built on our outstanding blend of subject matter experts and senior project managers.

From voice platform programming to multi-location engineering and project management, KGM provides cost-effective and dependable results – on-time and within budget.

TRM Partners was founded in 2007 by financial services industry veterans to provide a talented pool of resources that understand the challenges financial firms face to identify and develop strategies to improve their technology infrastructure and efficiencies, reduce and control cost and ensure the highest level of quality of service potentially better than that of what you have today. TRM is network and vendor-agnostic diligently working to get you the best T’s & C’s, SLA’s and pricing available in the market today.

Realizing many firms in the financial industry lack the time and resources to stay at the forefront of emerging technologies, service providers, and market requirements, TRM has developed time tested strategies and policies to aid enterprises to assess, plan, procure and implement technology and related services. TRM provides a number of core solutions and has developed the GRID2 platform, one of the most industry-wide pricing databases, for pricing and requests (for anything).

Founded in 1957, Wilmac has achieved premier status as a global provider of professional services and support for the world’s most widely used recording technologies. Wilmac’s Call Recording experience and expertise serves some of the most compliance driven industries including financial services and compliance, public safety and security and contact centers.

As a leading Call Recording specialist with expertise that extends far beyond just one product or one manufacturer, Wilmac begins with a consultative approach and ensures customers are matched with the best and most appropriate recording solution for their specific environment, industry, and needs.

Wilmac’s comprehensive service portfolio includes pre-sales system design and engineering, project management, implementation, training, and ongoing maintenance support. Additional value-added services include legacy voice data management, remote monitoring, staff augmentation, global support coverage, legacy recorder support, and more.