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Nice Recorders For Recording and Compliance

NICE was founded in 1986 by seven former Israeli soldiers. The company initially focused on Government contracts for security and defense applications, later changing their business plan to Financial Institutions and Contact centers. Today they support over 20,000 organizations worldwide in 150 countries and support 80 Fortune companies.

Recording of audio communications is provided by companies like NICE recorders. These recorders are especially useful for mission critical situations or scenarios which require a full maintenance of regulatory standards. NICE recorders offer reliable recording and incident reconstruction solutions with seamless integration.

Market Communications recognizes the need of the financial market and mission critical companies for quality communications and services. The company offers the latest innovations in various Voice Recording Products from NICE. Market Communications specializes in the integration of NICE voice recorders with some of the most advanced recording equipment available. The open software architecture of NICE recorders allows the easy integration into existing call center systems. These recorders and voice loggers are ideally used for desktop recording and trading floor applications.

Nice Compliance Recording
NTR Fusion
NTR/NPR Recording
Options available for Trading Floor Recording from NICE
  • IP Technology.
  • Digital Technology.
  • Onsite Trading Floor recordings.
  • In the Cloud recording.
  • Long Term recording storage.
  • Remote monitoring.
  • Free seating (recording and identifies what channel and Turret the trader is using.
  • Recorder mobile phone.
  • Analytic voice recognition.