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Corporate Power Inc.

Corporate Power designs customized IT solutions that meet the unique needs of your mid-sized organization, whether you are a business or a non-profit organization, with a single site or sites across the globe. We offer the benefits of Fortune 500 IT expertise in both cloud-based systems and those that run on your own hardware—all at an affordable cost. We are also one of the few Microsoft-Certified partners to focus on mid-sized organizations.

Cloud Services

Whether you are considering moving applications to the cloud, providing cloud services for a specific department, using the cloud for disaster recovery, or moving your entire IT function to the cloud, there’s a lot of IT work to be done to make it work. Corporate Power can take care of it for you. We can help you avoid common problems (incremental moves, for example, may not work as expected) and develop a strategy that will meet your business requirements and be technologically viable and affordable.

IT Risk Assessments

How secure is your IT system? Can unauthorized people get at your data, or change data you have stored? A risk assessment of your full IT setup identifies any security vulnerabilities so they can be addressed and remediated.

Whether you need a risk assessment because of internal concerns, HIPAA or PCI mandates, or requirements for cybersecurity insurance, you need expert, honest assistance. Corporate Power can complete a full evaluation, work with you to develop a remediation plan, and perform the work to implement that plan, if desired.

IT Security

It pays to pay attention to computer security. Corporate Power can take that weight off you.

There’s a lot more to security than making sure you have the latest anti-malware. For example, just setting up and monitoring security-associated alerts can be a huge time sink. There are more than 250 potential types of alerts on a firewall alone! Someone needs to identify the three-quarters that can be safely turned off.

Default security settings are at best a compromise that doesn’t fit anyone. Corporate Power will help you reach the “Goldilocks standard” in security—settings that are “just right” for your organization. With the complexity of today’s systems, you need expert security support to customize security to your unique needs.

IT Support

IT support is key to keeping your systems—and your whole organization–running smoothly. Mid-sized organizations typically lack the scale to provide the breadth and depth of IT support needed by system administrators and employees, especially if the organization relies heavily on custom applications. Corporate Power can provide the full range of help desk and server support required–whether you operate your own servers or use IT in the cloud. We respond to your organization’s needs and never use a cookie-cutter approach. By taking responsibility for the full range of support, we prevent problems on complex projects and eliminate the finger-pointing that can occur with multiple support providers

Disaster Recovery

Corporate Power can set up a system to protect your IT capabilities from the impact of storm, fire, earthquake, or other disaster, whether you are using in-house servers, the public cloud or private virtual cloud desktops. Employees can work from anywhere they can connect to the Internet.

Don’t assume that your cloud provider will provide you with adequate disaster recovery capabilities. They may not. Corporate Power can help you do what it takes to be confident in your ability to recover from disasters in the cloud.