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Citycom PC And Video Monitoring Software: The Best Solution For Remote Compliance And Security

ARC is a market-leading solution that enhances communication compliance and reduces risk, while improving quality, performance, and customer experience. Built as a Software-as-a-Service, ARC is a family of modular solutions designed to address differing requirements around existing voice recording/compliance systems using artificial intelligence to ensure a safe & secure collaborative environment.

A significant increase in remote operations has had a significant impact on the workforce, as well as in schools, contact centers, and other global markets. Across the financial industry and other sectors, office-to-home connectivity continues to affect all business practices, which has brought about many opportunities for cost-savings and more efficient operations but this change has also presented many new challenges and potential liabilities for the user community in the financial sector.

Today, many companies and organizations need to adapt their practices to hybrid work environments now and for the foreseeable future. Remote supervision and PC monitoring of computer activities must be robust, especially for companies that operate in sectors where regulatory compliance is critical.

In the financial sector, many companies maintain a technology infrastructure that fully supports various compliance software/products. This infrastructure is fairly easy to maintain as long as operations are kept within the office environment or limited to dedicated remote hosted solutions, such as TaaS and hosted trader voice platforms.

But with the prevalence of home-based office setups and reliance on video calling through programs like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and WebEx, it can be considerably more difficult to ensure proper protocol is maintained, company policies are observed, and all practices are fully compliant with industry-specific regulations.

As many businesses can attest, operating solely on the honor system in today’s world is not being viewed as staying compliant. Conversely, trying to maintain all operations in-office during tenuous and unpredictable circumstances can create its own risks. So what are the options when the best computer monitoring software is needed for businesses, schools, and other organizations that have moved to a home environment?

Employee/Video Monitoring Software Adds Flexibility And Mitigates Risk

This is where solutions like video monitoring software and more advanced employee tracking technology will greatly benefit any business, specifically those in the financial sector. Market Communications is proud to offer the very best PC monitoring software solution capability through our partnership with Citycom’s Solutions – ARC Solution.

We are a reseller of Citycom Solutions – ARC Solution: a PC monitoring and employee tracking software solution that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and other capabilities to foster security, safety, and productivity even when operations are performed remotely. This technology exceeds conventional screen monitoring software and browser activity tracking that falls short of today’s remote-worker requirements.

In our ever-changing world, communications are fast becoming the most valued asset any business owns, providing knowledgeable insights into activity, behavior, and culture. Citycom supports businesses with the challenge of capturing, controlling, and analyzing communications interactions, helping to improve performance and profitability. We improve management control as well as, surfacing any conduct risk issues.

Citycom’s video monitoring software greatly simplifies the compliance confirmation process for trading, brokerage, banking, and other financial organizations. It takes trader voice remote supervision to a new compliant level.

This cloud-hosted, Software as a Service (SaaS) offering makes it possible to ensure all personnel perform as required in a remote work environment. The employee monitoring software uses a series of advanced features to ensure efficiency, security, and privacy.

Citycom’s employee monitoring and tracking software is truly multifaceted. It uses various parameters that quickly confirm how personnel are operating, whether any activities or behaviors violate certain standards, and makes all digital records and recordings easy to review.

Remote PC monitoring software provides a manageable, fully automated method for ensuring compliance and proper employee conduct. This AI-driven technology accomplishes this through a series of features, which include screen monitoring, time tracking, and the surveillance of employee activities.

How Computer Monitoring Software Protects Protocol And Ensure Compliance

Citycom’s video monitoring software ensures that inappropriate behavior or unauthorized utilization of company resources are not occurring in a remote office environment. It can also be catered to specific regulatory compliance measures on an extremely detailed level. This is made possible through the monitoring of various biometrics, which goes so much further than login-based desktop tracking and conventional screen monitoring software.

The Citycom monitoring solution makes use of Computer Vision Technology (CVT), which includes rapid-scanning, profile recording, voice lexicon and speech recognition, blood-pressure monitoring, thermal imaging, object recognition—such as the presence of cell phones, paper, etc.—and other AI-driven capabilities.

These numerous data points and other parameters are then used to confirm identity and activity, which ensures no unauthorized users are present and that all behaviors and conduct are compliant with company policies and industry regulations.

CVT can detect any inappropriate behaviors, activities, or objects, or the presence of any unauthorized parties, which will be automatically flagged by the solution. Violations will trigger rapid alerts so that supervisors can promptly take the appropriate action. This enables compliance teams and administrators to be more proactive in preventing violations and averting high-cost liabilities.

Putting Video Monitoring Software (SaaS) To Work

The Citycom ARC monitoring dashboard makes the activity review process extremely easy. The software’s user interface is streamlined and intuitive. It fits seamlessly with the most common types of remote work and video conferencing applications. It’s been specially developed with personal management and compliance teams in mind, making it one of the best computer monitoring systems for banks, brokers, traders, and other financial-based businesses.

This tracking software is robust and multi-faceted but demands on data and digital infrastructure are minimal. Citycom’s ARC Employee tracking software is entirely cloud-based. While the property service is catered to individual requirements and works like a full-customized solution, storage and maintenance demands are minor and require no major adjustments to existing infrastructure.

Regulatory compliance and desktop activity monitoring can help organizations avoid penalties, fines, and other liabilities – SEC Rule 17a-4(F) and Finra Rule 4511, Finra Rule 3110

By enabling more remote operations, costs associated with physical real estate, on-site equipment management, off-site disaster recovery (DR/BCP), worker safety and conduct measures, and more, could be significantly reduced.

Offering employees a secure and fully compliant work-from-home option can also improve productivity, increase worker satisfaction rates, and keeps an organization flexible and forward-moving despite the unpredictable.

Choosing Market Communications As Your Citycom Video Monitoring Provider

Market Communications makes the implementation process highly efficient but at no sacrifice to your organization’s unique requirements. Since this solution is entirely hosted and performs as any Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, there is minimal, if any hardware setup required. The solution is fully scalable and customizable. We are a longtime communications technology provider to major global organizations in the financial industry, and across many other sectors.

We’re proud of our reputation as a trusted advisor and subject matter expert on technology solutions. We’ve gained this recognition by helping our clients assess their needs and efficiently pairing them with options that are easy to implement and maintain.

Now, as an authorized and trusted reseller of Citycom Solutions ARC Software, we can help you move forward with a comprehensive, secure, video and desktop monitoring compliant solution.

Contact us to arrange a consultation and requirement review so we can address your current specifications and challenges.