Market Communications

                                             BSL Wordwatch

Market Communications has entered into partnerships with Business Systems (BSL) Wordwatch to expand the recording analytics services it provides for IT and Compliance Teams in the Financial Industry.

Market Communications and BSL Wordwatch address the recording issues clients face with legacy, live and extraction management using a single form factor API. Simplicity of design ensures that the GUI is easy to use and ensures delivery directly to the team that needs it with a full audit trail and without IT involvement.

Wordwatch is agnostic to the capture layers of Nice, Verint, ASC, Redbox or any of the newer API based modalities. We make them all available for common retention, extraction or compliance hold. It also enables you or your customer to access all stored voice data and thus takes the brakes off their often-costly investment in compliance and analytics engines.

This also allows the customer to store their valuable voice data where it best fits their business requirements.

In summary, Wordwatch is a portal to store, replay, extract, manage and control voice data regardless of where it comes from or where it is stored.

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