Market Communications



BAY STREET EST. 1861 was founded in 2007 as a full service communications company to provide consulting, design, implementation, support and alternative maintenance services to the financial services and energy industries across Canada. They have a global reach with offices throughout Canada and are strategically aligned with partners in the United States, South America, Europe and Asia to support their customers.

Considered as one of Canada’s elite voice trading system solutions providers, BAY STREET has highly skilled sales and engineering teams with the experience to resolve your challenges and address concerns. They have the knowledge and qualifications to support legacy voice trading systems that have been or are reaching End-of-Life, as well as the skillset to plan, design, propose and implement a transition path for you to migrate to a new platform.

BAY STREET is committed to exceeding customer expectations in reliability, service delivery, moves/adds/changes (MAC), and the quality and performance of the new technology they provide, install and support.

Market Communications & BAY STREET EST. 1861 Partnership

Market Communications and BAY STREET EST. 1861’s partnership was established to provide their respective customers a single point of contact with global resources to manage and maintain voice trading and recording systems. Teaming with one of Canada’s elite service providers in the financial industry, we are confident that our customers will have a positive experience in all facets of their maintenance and support needs.

Please contact us to learn more about our solutions and how we can also include support for your legacy voice trading systems that are also installed across Canada.