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Legacy / End-of-Life Voice Trading System Inventory

IPC's Alliance & Etrali Systems End-of-Life / End-of-Service mandate became effecitve at the end of 2017. Market Communications will continue to support those systems now and into the foreseeable future.

You Don’t Have to Let the Manufacturer Make the Decision For You!

Market Communications has a ready supply of IPC EOL and Etrali EOL equipment that can be deployed to any of your sites in the USA / EMEA / UK / APAC regions. You don’t have to be forced into an upgrade or go without support. Market Communications provides several IPC Alliance EOL/EOS solutions, as well as Etrali Maintenance and Support.

Since 1998, Market Communications’ EOL Team has worked with the financial industry to develop innovative strategies and services to extend the life of their voice trading systems. We are the largest secondary market maintenance services provider and original equipment manufactured parts supplier for recording, IPC and Etrali voice trading systems in North America supporting the global financial industry. As such, you have the option keep your current system(s) by getting the support you need from Market Communications, while substantially lowering your ongoing costs.

Our expert level EOL sales and engineering staff will assist you in identifying the correct component or turret you may need for replacement, to expand, or are considering an upgrade of your desktop turret. Our engineers and service technicians have vast experience and knowledge of legacy voice trading systems and can perform your MAC work, expansions, installations and relocations, as well as support system failures.

We have a ready supply of EOL inventory to keep your systems running and reliable today and in to the future. All of our system components and turrets are original equipment manufactured that have been certified and tested to ensure compatibility and the same functionality.

System Components:

  • System Cabinets
  • Switch Element Cards
  • Remote Turret Interface Cards
  • QSIG Cards
  • Power Supplies
  • Line/Circuit Interface Cards
  • Remote Turret Interface Boxes
  • System and Turret Cables
  • Card Shelves
  • Turret Interface Cards
  • Ethernet Interface Cards
  • And, even, Analog Line Cards

IQ/Max Turret

IQ/Micro Turret

IQ/Mini Turret

IQMX Turret

Slimeline Turret