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Quantify Recording Suite

 The latest version of the Red Box Quantify Recording Suite gives you access to a complete set of voice recording and call recording software applications. All Red Box audio recording software is just that: software-only. You don't need additional hardware, it's possible to add features as you require them and the applications scale effortlessly with business growth.
Quantify Recording Suite's intuitive web-based interface lets you do so much from the start, with minimal training. It's designed around your workflow and never dictates how you should work.
Quantify Recording Suite is ideal for a wide range of sectors:

  • Public safety: mission-critical recording for emergency services, transportation and air traffic control
  • Contact centers: call handling interaction analysis to improve processes and training
  • Government and military: specialist security monitoring and surveillance
  • Financial trading: regulation and compliance for communication
On-Premise or Hosted
Full audio and data integration with leading switches
Web Based
Search & Replay
Compatible Devices