Sku : iE801

Speakerbus iTurret 8 Channel Speaker Module (iE801)

The Speakerbus 8 channel speaker expansion module offers integral speaker paging, facilitating up to 96* speaker channel assignments spread across 4 pages of speaker channels. Multiple pre-set pages of speaker channels can be rapidly defined, programmed and automatically reconnected. The iE801 is ideally suited to global mission-critical environments.

Additional features provided by the 8 channel speaker expansion module include a variety of speaker muting functions, dedicated group talk keys, along with one touch answer and dial out from speaker channel keys. The iE801 also allows the user to assign channels to the left, right or both speakers. In trials, spatial differentiation has shown to help to identify different groups.

Speakerbus' iTurret can be configured with additional speaker and/or button modules (iE816) to give a total of 24 speaker channels per position. The modules are powered by the associated iTurret via a link cable, eliminating the need for additional power supplies. The modules can be added on-site along with other expansion modules, which helps lower the total cost of ownership.

Market Communications can deliver Speakerbus iSeries solutions that improve operational efficiencies, service agility and a lower total cost of ownership without compromising security or performance.

Please contact us to learn more about Speakerbus' iTurret, add-on modules and iSeries Central Management System solutions, to schedule a demonstration or request a quote.

Key features of the Eight (8) Channel Speaker Module (iE801) are as follows:

  • Eight (8) Speaker Channels
  • 96 User definable speaker channels per position
  • Integral speaker pagination, up to 4 pages
  • User configurable function keys
  • Up to 4 dedicated speaker group keys
  • Dial out directly from the speaker channel key
  • One touch answer
  • Multiple speaker clearing options
  • Tap to latch and push to talk channel key modes
  • Multiple speaker muting functions
  • Left and right channel speaker mapping with spatial differentiation