Sku : iD808

iTurret (iD808)

Speakerbus' iTurret is the next generation of IP trader voice appliances, merging telephony with hoot and private lines through a suite of standards-based products from an ecosystem of partner vendors. It's architecture and technology shifts away from the traditional paradigm of single vendor system designs to include best-of-breed solutions to accomplish a unified communications platform for the financial trading community.

The Speakerbus iTurret offered by Market Communications is a Secure, Scalable and Compliant Mission-Critical Voice Collaboration Solution with modular design options to give traders the flexibility of up to eight (8) various configurations to add button and speaker modules specific to their individual needs. Each iTurret can have dual handsets, a microphone and its own custom design with all turrets in the system able to interoperate with or mirror one another to support trader voice communications across all trader's in the company.

Speakerbus' iTurret solution is built on SIP open architecture by providing flexible IP communications to interoperate with numerous devices, applications and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) technologies.

Provisions have been imbedded within the iTurret design and its companion management portal to include advanced security features as dictated by customers and market expectations. The iTurret natively supports two levels of access authentication in the form of user and administrator levels. In addition to normal user access, an administrative level is provided in order to restrict access to specific embedded menus on the i turret that are intended for configuration and support tasks. Both access levels are password controlled and maintained as a function of the iCMS management portal.

Available as a premises-based or hosted solution, iTurret connects multiple parties with powerful call types and features, and supports connectivity to unified communications platforms, private circuits, radio, intercom and hoot networks.

The iTurret comes with a comprehensive administrative tool set - iManager Centralized Management System (iCMS). You can define users by specialty or geography and manage user and device preferences such as personal directories, key page layouts, network policies, recording polices and firmware updates.

Line sharing capabilities can be implemented on both the iTurret and IP desk end phone giving greater transparency across the trading desk and providing turret users with the ability to collaborate as a global team.

Market Communications can deliver Speakerbus iSeries solutions that improve operational efficiencies, service agility and a lower total cost of ownership without compromising security or performance.

Please contact us to learn more about Speakerbus' iTurret and iSeries Central Management System solutions, to schedule a demonstration or request a quote.

Key features of the iTurret are as follows:

  • High capacity with 600 programmable keys
  • 100 pages with page naming and shortcut to page functions
  • Line Barge and ad-hoc conferencing
  • Free Seating with full profile retention
  • Configurable ringing and held call queues
  • Customizable soft key positions, color styles, alert tones and detail levels – per key
  • Modular components - add-on options for Button and Speaker modules
  • Extensive brokerage speaker functions with optional speakers
  • Flexible on board speaker channel configurations for optional speakers
  • "One Touch Operation" – offers ease of use and operational flexibility
  • Line Sharing with back office and non i turret users
  • High definition voice quality
  • User key moves, deletions and additions with immediate effect
  • Integrated Intercom and hands free speakerphone
  • Extensive directory support with synchronization to speed dial key
  • Extension bridging to mobile devices
  • 3 configurable IP recording streams (per iD808)