Hosted Voice Communication

Since the beginning of 2020, Market Communications has grown its Hosted Services platform by over 50% and continues to address the needs of clients who are working remotely today and for the foreseeable future. These clients receive the benefit of their solution being managed by Market Communications in a 24x7 environment in their Data Center.

Market Communications is a Single Source Provider of high quality, end-to-end Cloud Communications services such as Hosted Voice (turrets & soft clients), Hosted PBX, Telephone endpoints, Dial Tone, Mobility via Cell Phones, VoIP, SIP Trunking, Messaging, and Video Conferencing.

We offer multiple solutions for Fully Managed, Hosted Unified Communications that improve efficiency and the user experience. Our goal is to simplify the move/add/change process reduce costs and the number of communications providers to one single resource for you.

Key Benefits of Market Communications' Hosted Voice Communications Services:

  • Keep Your Current Phone Numbers - We can Port them to our Hosted Platform
  • Reduce Your Costs - We can Eliminate Your T1 PRI's and Deliver Your Service with SIP Connectivity
  • Simplified Billing/Invoices...One Invoice for All Services We Provide for You
  • Hosted Dial Tone
  • Hosted PBX & VoIP
  • Capable of Providing Hosted Services Utilizing Your On-Premise UC/PBX Platform
  • SIP Trunking
  • Virtual Auto Attendant and Mobile VoIP
  • Messaging and Chat
  • Conferencing - Tele and Video
  • Recording Options

Partnering with Market Communications gives you the confidence of having a trusted provider with the knowledge and industry expertise ready to support and guide you as your business grows in a competitive environment.

Please contact us to learn more about our Hosted Voice Communications Services, schedule a demonstration or request a quote by clicking on the link below.