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The Global pandemic has changed the world. Remote/home working has become the norm.

Initially the focus for banks was operational continuity. They succeeded and their employees performed whilst working from home.

This situation was only going to be temporary…. But now it’s permanent and habits have been formed over the last 6-9 months.

Zoom and Teams (and others) have become the new business communication tools

Banks have had to embrace this wave of adoption, albeit reluctantly.

Regulators gave the banks an initial ‘free pass’ and understood that operations needed to continue as a priority, compliance would follow. The passes have expired.

Employees have become comfortable at using Zoom and Teams….this will be the way they communicate from now on…regardless of where they are physically situated.

The banks have seen some attractive benefits to remote working, happy employees with more time with their families, reduced travel costs, increased productivity (less travel time), the reduction in BCP costs (Home is the new BCP), supporting the green effect by having less employees travel and significant reduction in office costs.

There are however, some risks….Regulatory compliance needs to be met for remote/home workers, conduct needs monitoring (there are examples of home workers behaving inappropriately), the wellbeing and mental health of remote employees as well as managing performance. Validating that the employee is in fact who they say they are, is there anyone else in the room?, are there events taking place that would cause concerns and many more are some issues that need addressing.

It is clear that we will never return to the previous norm of working. It’s now about using new processes and technology to reduce the risks of remote/home working, enjoying the benefits it brings and all within a safe and controlled environment…..deploying ARC is part of the solution.

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