Trading From Home During A Pandemic

Amid ongoing concerns about the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Market Communications wants to advise you how we are addressing this issue with our customers so we can help you and your team during this global pandemic.

Here three (3) points we would like to address:

  • COVID-19 is having a broad impact on people across the country including their ability to work and manage day-to-day activities.
  • To provide you with resources and information about what you can expect from Market Communications.
  • To give you choices that can and should be implemented to ensure you can maintain productivity by taking full advantage of our business' communications capabilities.

Important Information

Public policies, procedures, and personal choices will change the way we interact for at least the coming weeks and possibly longer. We intend to continue providing the same level of service you're accustomed to regardless of COVID-19 implications.

To support this, Market Communications has implemented a mix of internal policies and procedures to maintain normal business operations. Our staff will be available to help you maintain your business needs.

Market Communications is in daily contact with its partners who help in supporting our global clients. Please let us know if you have any issues that we can address in your daily environments that we support globally today.

While we are temporarily halting all non-critical meetings and travel both in and outside of our offices, you should continue to contact our employees as you have in the past. In summary, we are open for business and are fully available to you in the same way we were prior to the heightening impact of COVID-19.

Important Resources for You

Many of our customers are adjusting the way they do business today, including working from home, with possible mandated shutdowns, to help lessen the spread of the Coronavirus, like we are having here in Manhattan, New York.

Market Communications has cloud solutions that will help you minimize any potential difficulties of voluntary or government-mandated modifications to business operations:

  • For our clients that have the IPC Alliance system, we can assist you with setting up remote turrets off your existing system.
  • For our clients that can't use the remote turret with their system, we can provide hosted turrets out of our data center.
  • For our clients that require a web interface scenario, we have a network cloud solution that can help clients redirect their private wires to a web based turret.
  • For our clients that have a traditional T-1 coming into their PBX, Market Communications can offer SIP trunking so you can easily redirect your phone lines.
  • For our clients that want to set up remote PBX users for their entire company, Market Communications offers a Cloud PBX solution with a quick turnaround time.

Market Communications is your trusted advisor. If you haven't yet reached out to Market Communications, it may be something for you consider.

Our Support Team can be reached toll free at 888.595.8880 or you can send an email to or click on the "contact us" link below. We are here for you.