"Nxtera: Catching Businesses Before They Fall"

Here's something you never want to hear after a bad trade or legal investigations. "He was not being recorded for the past month" or "All his calls are inaudible." If your company is in a mission critical business that records data or voice you need to make sure your company is fully compliant & recording the way you are supposed to be. With the Market-leading products of nxtera, Parity, Proof, Reflect and Retrieve, we do this.

About Call Recording Compliance:

Although Nice and Red Box have Call Recording compliance software built into their software suites, sometimes it does not go far enough to protect their customers from compliance regulations. This is where Nxtera comes in, with their suite of software products, they can deliver fully automated compliance assurance, monitoring, testing, and operational intelligence, including voice, video, web, and data. Nxtera software suites sits on any recording system and ensures everything is being recorded, that the right trader is being recorded on the right Turret or Phone and if not, notifying the right people.

What our products do:

  • Protect you against potential regulatory breaches and fines
  • Make sure you are being recorded at the right place and right channel
  • Faster notification of recorder problems
  • Ensures all mission critical system is running for start of business
  • Ensures quality of recording
  • Retrieves information for legal investigations, voice analytics or trade reconstruction
  • Even on old hardware, we will automatically pull data and store in a format that allows fast compliance with any legal or regulatory requests
  • No need to use the manufacturer's recorder to retrieve.