Established in 1984, Speakerbus is a leading top tier developer of voice trading communications technology headquartered in the United Kingdom with systems and solutions installed at over 150 financial firms worldwide.

Speakerbus' unified communications and collaboration solution, the iSeries Central Management System (iCMS), is a suite of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications that integrate legacy voice circuits such as T1/E1, PRI, PL's/ARD's/MRD's and QSIG with today's VoIP and SIP technologies, and Call Manager systems to create a seamless enterprise voice communications solution. It improves the resiliency, flexibility and power of mission-critical trading room voice systems through a "Plug and Trade" approach with the iTurret, compact Zero 8 turret, optional speaker modules and/or ARIA soft turret application.

The heart of the iSeries IP solutions suite is Speakerbus' enhanced SbRTP technology, which delivers exceptional voice quality across the enterprise network. SbRTP packet technology ensures that Hoot 'n' Holler or Private/Direct Line (MRD/ARD) calls reach the end user without the distracting latency between speakers.

Based on dedicated network hardware and Speakerbus' Real Time Protocol (SbRTP) packet technology, the iSeries product family maintains traditional voice quality and scalability standards offering a pure VoIP environment, or a migration path to a pure VoIP environment.

Speakerbus is a dedicated technology company and undertakes hardware, firmware and software development on an on-going basis. They continually invest in research and design and are accredited for both ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.

A Speakerbus solution provided and serviced by Market Communications will help you to reduce your total cost of services, focus on your core business and continue to remain compliant with industry regulations.

Market Communications & Speakerbus Partnership

The partnership between Market Communications and Speakerbus provides our customers with numerous options to design a highly reliable, mission-critical voice trading system specific to their requirements. With decades of experience and direct access to a partner with a wealth of technical knowledge and industry experience, Market Communications can deliver a solution that improves operational efficiencies, service agility and a lower total cost of ownership without a compromising performance.

Please contact us to learn more about Speakerbus' iSeries Central Management System solutions that are best suited to support your requirements.