Speakerbus iSeries System From A Fully Authorized iTurret Reseller

Market Communications and Speakerbus have entered into a comprehensive integrator partnership that connects traders, brokers, banks, and other organizations in the financial industry with powerful voice and trading technology.

The Speakerbus iSeries system includes an impressive array of devices and features, which provide critical advantages for the world’s largest investment and regional banks, wealth management firms, hedge fund managers, brokerage firms, energy and commodity traders, proprietary trading companies, and other organizations.

Market Communications’ role as an iTurret reseller and provider of Speakerbus hosted turrets amounts to more than just the best price and other cost-saving advantages; it means that our clients get access to state-of-the-art capabilities that are integral to speed and success.

Why Choose Market Communications For Speakerbus Hosted Turrets?

When you rely on Market Communications as your reseller of Speakerbus hosted turrets— including the iTurret and other iSeries system technology—you’re getting benefits that can only be gained through our experience. We have provided voice trading services for more than 200 customers, amounting to over 28,000 turrets over the last several decades. This puts us in a unique position to understand how organizations across the financial industry conduct their business, how their needs have evolved, and what priorities have remained a constant.

It also means that we understand and can help you identify specific challenges, needs, and requirements, and can then design a new Speakerbus solution or fully managed and hosted trader platform. We can connect you with the devices and services that will enable you to achieve optimal efficiency and performance.

Speakerbus has been immersed in their client’s industries for nearly four decades and is adept at identifying and fulfilling specific communication and trading technology needs. Reliability is one of the primary benefits for which it is recognized, and that means a lot when everything has to be implemented, maintained, and fully operational at lightning speeds.

Our current clients know that we are committed to service excellence, backed by flexible maintenance service programs, timely move/add/change (MAC) support, and a fully responsive contact center that is ready to address your concerns and needs, 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week, 365-days-a-year.

Market Communications’ partnership with Speakerbus enhances the capabilities of both organizations. As our customers choose to upgrade their technology and break into more cutting-edge solutions, Speakerbus can then provide that technology.

The Powerful Capabilities Of Speakerbus iTurrets and the iSeries System

Speakerbus has been serving the financial industry for 35 years, working directly with traders, IT personnel, and other professionals. The technology it provides is catered to the needs and priorities of the people using it every day and must be 100-percent reliable in its operation.

In addition to the communication requirements of bankers, traders, and brokers, Speakerbus and Market Communications can provide command-and-control communication solutions that are essential for government, pipelines, public safety, and municipal services operation centers, as well as call centers of special industries. Anywhere multiple lines of communication, seamless call conferencing, voice recording, and other operations are needed, the partnership of Speakerbus and Market Communications is highly beneficial.

Speakerbus solves the problems that arise when turret hardware, software, and services are not efficient and adaptable enough. When your trading and communication infrastructure fails to meet your needs, you’re unable to trade and complete other vital processes at the speeds that are necessary to stay competitive. Speakerbus can help you avoid these issues. Their systems have been specifically designed to be robust, capable, and catered to the specific demands of traders and high-volume call operators.

Apart from providing the best price on Speakerbus products, voice recording systems, and maintenance, the collaboration of our companies means excellent reliability for the many clients we serve.

What’s Possible

Through our partnership with Speakerbus, you get a number of possibilities and benefits that only enhance what you’re able to do every day.

Speakerbus is able to provide clear voice quality over hoot channels at a level that other providers cannot compete with. You receive an open architecture, which means the iTurret and iSeries system can be deployed on your existing setup, such as a Cisco-based infrastructure.

Speakerbus is a SIP endpoint to a customer’s telecommunication infrastructure. The turnaround process is quick and streamlined and doesn’t require any upset or replacement of existing infrastructure. There’s also no need for an additional server. Lines can be shared across the trading floor, from turrets, to desk phones, to mobile devices, and more.

It is one of the few technology providers that can work with virtually all voice recording and compliance systems. This means that you retain the ability to choose your own platform. Speakerbus provides the devices and you remain in control of your fit-to-purpose, choice solution.

With Speakerbus and Market Communications, your total cost of ownership and maintenance is significantly reduced. IT and telecom staff can more readily adapt to any updates or changes. This kind of capability-enabled system versatility, and the resulting cost reduction, is very favorable for organizations across the financial industry.

Speakerbus manufactures all of their equipment and develops all of their software in-house. When issues do occur or something needs to be adjusted, customers have a direct connection to the source of their technology. This, and Market Communications’ 24/7 support, means that you always have a team ready to address your concerns and keep you fully operational. 

Getting Started

If you’re seeking a Speakerbus iTurret price or you want to know more about what you get from us as an authorized reseller, integrator, and maintenance provider, we can answer all your questions.

We can provide details on what you get for the cost, how specific iTurret features can amount to significant and highly competitive benefits, and what you gain through the iSeries system that you won’t easily find elsewhere.

Simply call us toll-free and a knowledgeable member of our team will guide you through the process. You can also complete our contact form to explain what you’re looking for and we’ll provide a prompt response.