Trading System Support (TSS)


Trading System Support (TSS), based in the UK, has been operating for over 4 years with the primary focus of providing ongoing support for End-of-Life voice trading systems in Europe exceeding over 3,000 positions. They were originally established as an alternative maintenance services provider for Etrali systems and have since expanded their offerings to include alternative support options for legacy voice trading systems manufactured by other leading vendors.

With offices in London, Paris and Singapore, TSS has built a network of partners like that of Market Communications to become a true global solutions provider.

TSS technical support engineers are required to attend and pass training courses in the support of end-of-life products to ensure they are qualified to perform system diagnostic and repair services. The trainee program allows their experienced engineers to concentrate on customer projects and solutions, while maintaining resources to support customers on a daily basis. In addition, and to this, they can provide customer training to enable them to perform routine administrative support on their systems.

TSS has invested heavily in inventory to ensure it has the ability to provide the equipment required to support its maintenance customers as well as MAC type work and requests. Their warehouse and distribution center is based in East London and they can ship replacement and enhancement components globally via their logistics partners.

Market Communications & TSS Partnership

The partnership between Market Communications and TSS was initiated to meet increasing service requests from customers that were expanding from local and regional operations to global entities with legacy voice trading and/or disparate system installations. In doing so, this keeps in line with our mission to be your single point of contact and simplify the process of coordinating all of your maintenance, support and MAC requirements.

Whether you have a need to extend the support life of your legacy voice trading and recording systems, or need time to plan and budget for a new system implementation, we can cover the gap. Both, Market Communications and TSS will support you as well as introduce new emerging voice trading, recording, compliance and security technologies that are available today.

Please contact us to learn more about our local, regional and global support coverage and how we can help you maintain your legacy voice trading and recording systems until you plan and budget for a technology upgrade.