Converged Compliance Solutions (LARA™)


Converged Compliance Solutions (CCS) is an innovative company that solves communications technology problems on the trading floor; breaking down the compatibility barriers that exist between proprietary systems. As communications technologists, CCS' mission is to empower IT and Telecom administrators by offering easily-installed solutions (LARA™) which bring tangible benefits and a minimal upfront investment. With platform-agnostic technology and LARA™, CCS solves the issues around proprietary systems, circuits, software and hardware that persist on the trading floor.

LARA™ offers a Carrier Grade level of reliability and the versatility to deliver private wire sharing (call forking) across all TDM Trader Voice and PBX Systems that exist today. In the past, Legacy Manual and Automatic Ring Down private wires could not be shared across different turret system brands even though the demand was strong. Today, with LARA™ you not only can share private wires between a variety of legacy and new VoIP Trading Systems, you also have common lamping, voice recording, call records for compliance, industry leading conferencing for all users, simplified administration, and business contingency/DR with cost effective distributed telephony that exist today.

CCS and LARA™ redefine industry standards with a new level of system integration that is secure and dependable. Unify your Trader Voice ecosystem and Enterprise Voice UC environment for genuine Unified Communications with LARA™.

Market Communications & Converged Compliance Solutions (CCS) Partnership

Please contact Market Communications to hear the story about our partnership and learn more about your firm will benefit by deploying LARA™ in the voice enterprise.


LARA™, offered by Market Communications in partnership with Converged Compliance Solutions (CCS) is yet another innovative solution that is a software-based unified communications bridge for the trader voice ecosystem.

LARA™ redefines industry standards with a new level of system integration.  It enables you to unify your Trader Voice ecosystem and Enterprise Voice UC environment for genuine Unified Communications. Secure and dependable, LARA™ boasts all the user-friendly, multi-media communication features you would expect from the latest SIP conferencing suite.

LARA™ is clearly a solution for enhancing trader voice technology.  It is the next generation of packet switched, interoperable UC environments for the Trading Floor.  LARA™ is designed to assist you in addressing and simplifying future challenges you may be facing with Trading Floor Communications, Back Office, Disaster Recovery, and IT Management.

Here are some of the functions that LARA™ renders simple across any analog, SIP, TDM, and UC platforms.

  • Enhanced Conferencing and Bridging
  • Enterprise Meet-Me
  • Hoot & Holler
  • Private Wire (ARD, MRD)
  • Business Continuity
  • Transition as a Service
  • Common Lamping

Please contact Market Communications for additional information or to schedule a detailed overview to learn about the benefits you can expect by implementing LARA™.