Krontech was established in 2007 as a software company to support large enterprises and telecommunications companies secure their networks with Privileged Access Management software and solutions. They are headquartered in New York and have additional offices in New Jersey, San Francisco, Istanbul, Dubai and Islamabad. Since their inception, Krontech has had continual growth success supporting clients in financial services, broadcasting and high tech markets, and continue to expand in telecommunications.

  • 3M + Devices Under Management
  • Over 25K Active Administrators
  • 450 Unique Workflow Definitions - Expanding Monthly
  • 2000 Gbit Real-time Traffic Processing

They produce and integrate advanced technology software in the fields of Access Control Systems, Network Packet Brokerage, Streaming Analytics, Fast Data & Real Time Data Processing, and Next-generation Security and Audit.

Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions enable granting privileged access to enterprise resources. PAM is a foundational element of any information security program, and one of the security areas that users interact with the most.

PAM software is frequently used as an information security and governance tool to prevent internal data breaches and internal attacks through the use of privileged accounts. IT managers and network admins need to efficiently secure the access, control configurations and indisputably record all activities in the data center or network infrastructure, in which any breach in privileged accounts access might have material impact on business continuity.

In brief, Krontech's Network Operations Security and Efficiency Portfolio address the necessary levels of security as follows:

  • Access Control - "Single Connect" - Privileged Access Management Platform ensures the security of your network and assets through consolidated visibility and access controls over privileged accounts
  • Automation - "Single Command" - Network Configuration Automation and Change Management for legacy and virtual assets
  • Intelligence - " Single Flow" - Intelligent Network Packet Broker and Real-Time Network Analysis comply with Internet session identification legislations and the inspection of network traffic

A Quick Case Study - An IT department of a financial institution was facing the need to mitigate significant security risks, while keeping operational efficiency at proper levels. As a result of audits, recommendations and its own analysis it was decided to streamline and enhance its security system by implementing a solution, which is capable to take care of:

  • System logs with capability of session recording around the use of privileged access
  • Sign on events recording
  • Application specific privileged activity
  • Optical character recognition during the session recording and playback

After careful analysis of available solutions, it was decided that Krontech's product was a good fit for their needs; it now allows all the sessions to not only be efficiently managed, but also recorded, logged and effectively analyzed.

Larger organizations demand transparent solutions that function seamlessly so privileged access doesn't add complexity to daily operations, or create resistance among employees. Additionally, financial institutions and telecom service providers have to comply with many regulatory standards including BASEL III , FISMA , SOX , PCI/DSS and leverage PAM solutions to successfully pass audits.

Market Communications & Krontech Partnership

Market Communications established a strategic partnership with Krontech to introduce them and their Network Operations Security and Efficiency portfolio to firms in the financial industry that are facing security risks or exploring security solutions. Knowing they are proven experts in network security coupled with the understanding of compliance and regulatory standards, we are confident in recommending and introducing Krontech to our customers and prospects.

Please contact us to learn more about Krontech and how their software and solutions can secure your network.