About Market Communications

Market Communications is a Global full service technology-solutions company with offices in New York City & Chicago. We specialize in developing, installing, and maintaining, mission-critical technology solutions for the worlds' most demanding environments. Founded in 1998 the Company has continued to expand and profitably grow its revenue and customer base providing regional and global solutions for our customers. After all, your business is about you...and your vendor should understand your unique communication requirements and be able to provide tailor-made, cost-effective solutions to help you achieve your goals.

Our executive and engineering staff at Market Communications has extensive experience in financial trading-floor environment. By combining our knowledge with our unbiased /consultative approach, we can design, implement and maintain a 'best of breed' solution which is tailored specifically for our customers' needs.

James Schlenk
James Schlenk
President - Founder

James Schlenk is the Founder and President of Market Communications LLC. Mr. Schlenk specializes in communications solutions for financial institutions, including investment banks, retail brokers, institutional securities firms and investment managers. With years of experience in operations and consulting Mr. Schlenk has delivered large-scale business transformations, complex systems integrations and customized projects. He has been responsible for supporting and implementing solutions for IBM Corporate, Goldman Sachs, AT&T Corporate and ABC.

Mr. Schlenk began his communications career with the United States Navy as a communications specialist. He then joined Pacific Telephone as a technician and transferred to New York telephone before joining AT&T. Mr. Schlenk was the recipient of the Eagle Award while with AT&T which recognizes individuals for their professional commitment and model leadership abilities that inspire others to achieve greater levels of success in the business and the community. After leaving AT&T he joined IPC. During the thirteen (13) years he was with IPC, he was responsible for training technicians in the United States and the United Kingdom. After leaving IPC, Mr. Schlenk became a Communications Consultant for Goldman Sachs.

He attended San Jose City College, DeVry Institute of Technology and TCI College of Technology. At TCI he focused on Electronics and Communications receiving numerous certifications including a First Class FCC License with Radar Endorsement.

Kevin Clifford
Kevin Clifford
Executive VP Operations - Founder

Kevin Clifford is Executive Vice President of Market Communications. He is responsible for all Global Operations including Financial Services, Capital Markets and the Insurance industries. He began his communications career as a service technician with NY Telephone and Telecom Plus. He joined IPC and was a Service Manager for thirteen (13) years. During his tenure with IPC Kevin provided technical support throughout the United States.

Kevin has an Associate's degree from Farmingdale State College, Long Island, NY. His focus was on communications and technical engineering. He has received many communications certifications throughout his career.

Some of Mr. Clifford's notable assignments include: BNP, Citibank, Morgan Stanley, and Oppenheimer.

Fritz Romulus
Fritz Romulus
Director of Support - Founder

Fritz Romulus is Director of Technical Maintenance and Support for Market Communications. He is responsible for Technical Training and Global Support. He began his career in communications with New York Telephone working in the Special Services Division. After leaving New York Telephone he joined IPC and during his thirteen (13) year tenure he supported major installation projects:

  • Maintenance and support strategy and design across mid to large scale trading floors
  • Managing the design and installation of the production and trading floor environments for major investment firms
  • Service monitoring and delivery model to support IP PBX, Hosted PBX, Voice Recording and Trading Turrets.

Mr. Romulus has technical training and certifications for Avaya, Nortel Meridian, ShoreTel PBX and specializes in VoIP Systems. He has provided support and maintenance for clients including: Oppenheimer Funds, Tullet Prebon, BNP Houston, UBS and Wells Fargo.

Mr. Romulus received a B.A. in Business from Nyack College and an A.S. in Electronic Engineering from Technical Career Institutes. He is fluent in French and Creole.

Michael Sheenhan
Michael Sheehan
Executive VP of Sales

Michael Sheehan, Executive Vice President of Sales, is a global business operations and communications sales expert with over forty four (44) years of directing and planning large scale business communications projects. His areas of expertise include global sales leadership, strategic global sales planning and forecasting, account relationship management, market trend analysis, new business development, operations process improvement and sales team mentoring, training, and coaching.

Throughout his career, Michael Sheehan has skillfully helped clients align business goals and communications objectives during trading floor re-locations and communication technology consolidations. He has a strong track record of replacing neglected and disparate communications infrastructures with modern, standardized, compliant and secure communications infrastructures. He has proven ability to forge multi-disciplinary, multi-party teams into project teams which achieve results.