Market Communications Technology Partner's

Market Communications and Citycom Solutions address the ever-changing world where communications are fast becoming the most valuable asset any business owns, providing valuable insight into activity, behavior and culture.

Citycom supports businesses faced with the challenge of capturing, controlling and analyzing communications interactions, helping to improve performance and profitability. We improve management control as well as surfacing effectively and efficiently and conduct risk issues.

Partnering with global businesses since 2013, Citycom provides advisory services and total communications solutions to help businesses realize the value of their most underrated and ignored asset…communications conversations.

Market Communications and Speakerbus have entered into a comprehensive integrator partnership that connects traders, brokers, banks, and other organizations in the financial industry with powerful voice and trading technology.

The Speakerbus iSeries system includes an impressive array of devices and features, which provide critical advantages for the world’s largest investment and regional banks, wealth management firms, hedge fund managers, brokerage firms, energy and commodity traders, proprietary trading companies, and other organizations.

Market Communications’ role as an iTurret reseller and provider of Speakerbus hosted turrets amounts to more than just the best price and other cost-saving advantages; it means that our clients get access to state-of-the-art capabilities that are integral to speed and success.

Market Communications has entered into partnerships with Business Systems (BSL) Wordwatch to expand the recording analytics services it provides for IT and Compliance Teams in the Financial Industry.

Market Communications and BSL Wordwatch address the recording issues clients face with legacy, live and extraction management using a single form factor API. Simplicity of design ensures that the GUI is easy to use and ensures delivery directly to the team that needs it with a full audit trail and without IT involvement.

Wordwatch is agnostic to the capture layers of Nice, Verint, ASC, Redbox or any of the newer API based modalities. We make them all available for common retention, extraction or compliance hold. It also enables you or your customer to access all stored voice data and thus takes the brakes off their often-costly investment in compliance and analytics engines.

Market Communications is proud to be recognized as a fully authorized and experienced Verint partner and reseller. We’ve combined our organization’s knowledge and expertise with comprehensive Verint financial compliance (VFC) and voice recording solutions.

We have provided our clients with a full array of recording and compliance solutions for over 20 years. Our partnership with Verint keeps in line with our mission to recommend, design and deliver the most current and innovative products available in the global marketplace.

As a Verint financial compliance and voice recording solutions partner, we serve as your point of contact, service provider, and expert-on-call whenever you require the most current and dynamic resources. There are many advantages to be gained, specifically those that are essential to unified communication compliance services and promotion of streamlined, ethical, and risk-free operations throughout your company.

Red Box call recording systems are a proven solution when call recording, monitoring, and acquisition are required by an organization. Our clients in the financial industry, call centers, command and control, and other institutions rely on us to implement and support this technology.

In the financial community, this software is used to record business and trade transactions for purposes of regulatory compliance related to your company, MiFID, MiFID II, and Dodd-Frank legislation. While many organizations use this solution for compliance purposes, it is also a valuable tool for customer service training and monitor needs, employee evaluations, emergency response audio capture, and more.