Hosted Trader Platform

Turret as a Service (TaaS)

Market Communication's TaaS is a Fully Hosted and Managed Trader Platform providing a secure, highly reliable cloud-based solution featuring full turret and PBX (telephone) functionality, mobility and recording for financial industry professionals. Powered by Speakerbus' iSeries Platform, TaaS gives you the option to select your end point devices such as the iTurret (iD808), ARIA soft client and/or the ZERO8 (SE 708). TaaS gives traders access to dial tone, speed dials, private lines, intercom, barge capabilities, hoots, speakers, recording and playback anywhere at any time while meeting compliance requirements.

TaaS gives financial firms and traders alike options to connect to the cloud using Wi-Fi or Ethernet through a router, a VPN or company LAN/WAN.

Market Communications developed TaaS for financial firms to enable elimination of their equipment footprint, reduce facility costs, free up technical resources, perform software release and patch/fix update downloads, reduce operational costs and eliminate capital expenditures

Whether you're a single user or a multi-user/multi-site enterprise, TaaS is tailored specific to your requirements at the onset and as you grow one turret at a time or numerous, and without costly expenditures

Key Benefits:

  • Initial Cost Savings
    • No huge Capital Expenses
  • Savings
    • Recording + options for extended archiving and compliance requirements
    • MAC work included
    • Maintenance included
    • Moving is basically Plug & Trade
    • No Last mile private wire cost
    • No expensive DR sites
    • Reduces or eliminates the equipment footprint in your data center
  • Geographic
    • Trade from anywhere
    • Supports multiple sites
  • Scalability
    • Grow as your business grows without increasing your equipment foot print.
  • On-net
  • Flexible
  • Full turret feature & functionality
  • Ease of use