Turret As A Service (TaaS): Cloud-Hosted and Managed Trader Platform For Freedom And Scalability

Hosted turrets are a cloud-based trading service solution. Also known as TaaS (turret as a service), this technology can provide dial tone, speed dials, private lines, intercom, barge capabilities, hoots, recording, and eight to 24 speakers, as well as any other turret functionality.

All of these features can be delivered directly to your desktop or remotely, anytime, anywhere.

Market Communications provides hosted turrets as a fully managed solution. Cloud-hosted trader voice technology offers the same functionality as system-connected voice trading turrets. This more advanced option gives you the same robust and rich capabilities with more freedom and scalability.

Cloud-hosted and managed trader platforms are quickly becoming the voice trading solution of choice. Their reliability and flexibility are integral to meeting the dynamic needs of traders, brokers, wealth managers, and other financial industry professionals.

Hosted and managed trader platforms also suit the needs of power, energy and unity organizations, risk management firms, and other companies and institutions that require an exceedingly capable voice communication platform. And when you choose us as your provider, you’ll have all of the services, support, and maintenance to ensure optimal, round the clock performance.

Market Communications serves companies and organizations all across the globe. We are highly experienced in meeting the needs of today’s financial marketplace and customers who seek a more managed service and an alternative to the traditional Capex approach to management.

What’s Possible Through A Turret As A Service (TaaS) Solution

Our TaaS is configured as a seamless, fully integrated solution using Speakerbus’ iSeries and Red Box Recorders’ platforms. It supports three Speakerbus endpoint device options:

  • The iTurret (iD808)
  • The ARIA soft client
  • The ZERO8 (SE708)

TaaS allows for optional voice recording and enables the user to perform search and playback functions.

Remote operations are among the key advantages that come with a turret as a service setup. As a cloud-hosted platform, it can be accessed from your office, home, or virtually any connected location. It’s possible to access all features through WiFi or ethernet via a router, VPN, or company LAN/WAN. 

Our hosted turret doesn’t need to be purchased as a capital expenditure investment; Market Communications will provide your hosted and managed trader platform for a monthly fee under a TaaS/managed service agreement. 

Catering Cloud-Hosted Trader Voice Options To Your Unique Needs

We know the needs of our customers can be quite diverse. Like so many of our solutions, hosted turrets can be catered to the specific requirements of the user. Just a few of our current and upcoming options include:

  • iTurret (iD808): Accommodates up to two handsets, a gooseneck microphone, eight to 24 speakers, and add-on button modules
  • ARIA Soft Client: Available as either touchscreen or point-and-click. Can be used on a PC desktop, notebook, or tablet
  • Zero8 (SE708): A single handset, gooseneck microphone, one dial tone line (optional), and eight-speaker channels
  • Red Box Recorders and Quantify: Optional service for recording voice communications and support of compliance requirements. Includes access to search and playback and other options for storage times or archiving.
  • AYRE: Hybrid touchscreen combined with buttons/keys—currently under development and planned for deployment in 2020 

There are many advantages that come with putting a hosted turret to work for your company. You can trust in us to provide a fully managed service and all of the other benefits that come from our move-add-change (MAC) work and maintenance.

You’ll save cost and resources when you leave the technical management to us. From reductions in your equipment footprint and power demands to the flexibility to respond to growth and add turrets as you need them, the benefits of a hosted and managed trader platform are far-reaching.

Why Choose Market Communications As Your Cloud-Based Hosted Turret Provider?

The best trading turrets are those that are suited to the requirements of your individual organization. We have the capabilities to deliver a hosted trader platform that meets your current and future growth.

When you choose Market Communications to provide your hosted turret, you’ll receive a unique set of benefits that can only be gained from an experienced and dedicated solutions provider.

We meet the needs of organizations all across the globe as a full-service communications technology company.

Our specialty is the development, installation, and maintenance of mission-critical technology solutions for the world’s most demanding environments.

You can combine the best of conventional trading floor turrets and their features with modern and versatile hosted trader voice solutions.

Market Communications’ sales, engineering, and operations teams have extensive experience in financial trading-floor and power, energy and utility environments. By combining our knowledge with our consultative approach, we can design, implement and maintain a “best of breed” hosted turret or TaaS solution that is tailored specifically for our customers' needs.

A hosted trader platform, along with Market Communications dedicated services, can change the way you operate and drive your organization to greater success.

Getting Started

To learn more about our hosted and managed trader platform, and other solutions related to hosted turrets and our essential services, call us toll-free or complete our contact form. An expert member of our team will answer all of your questions and help you determine the most appropriate options for your demands and goals.