Voice Solutions

Market Communications is your voice solutions alternative in the marketplace. Being the largest and most successful third party provider of Turret Hardware and Turret Maintenance, we have established relationships with the leading developers. Whether in the financial community, energy marketplace, or another elite industry requiring unique voice services, Market Communications will provide the most cost effective voice solution.

Providing the latest in trading floor system solutions, we can assist with all of your Trading floor requirements for your mission critical voice trading system. With speed, execution, and success Market Communications will be able to provide 24/7 service to the most critical and demanding telecommunications environments in the business world; Securities, Equities, Fixed Income Trading Floor, and Global Financial Institutions.

Our new and refurbished IP PBX and PBX systems provide an innovative approach to fulfilling communications needs without breaking your budget. Being software based, scalable, and customizable, allows Market Communications to integrate these into any PC platform, whether you are a small business or a global enterprise.

Partnering with the leading manufacturers in Voice recording space, Market Communications is positioned to provide the latest technology with one point of contact. We will maximize recording efficiency smoothly and seamlessly providing implementation with your third party vendors. In accordance with federal regulations, the Voice Recorders provide built in investment protection, incident investigation, protection against potential liability, compliance with industry standards, and corporate performance.

Market Communications has its own cloud base PBX; allowing us the ability to customize a solution based on your needs. Utilizing open sources technology to deliver the best possible result, Market Communications customers have the ability to program their systems from anywhere in the world along with the 24/7 monitoring of the system. Using the Hosted PBX, will allow you to save on overhead costs and allow for seamless integration with future technology .