IP Phone Systems For The Office

An IP phone system consists of a packet-switched Voice over IP or VoIP otherwise known as Internet telephony which transmits telephone calls over the Internet as opposed to the circuit-switched telephony used in traditional PSTN or public switched telephone network. A typical IP phone system has a VoIP private branch exchange (IP PBX) and desktop VoIP phones connected to a VoIP service provider via a local area network (LAN). IP phones are software based, making them easy to upgrade, deploy and integrate with third party setups. IP phones can also be customized with instant messaging and video capabilities.

Market Communications, LLC offers cost-effective and easy to use IP phone system. They carry the most advanced IP phones from Avaya, Polycom, and Nortel, which are user friendly and fully scalable. These IP phones can cater to the needs of the small, mid, and large networks. A team of telecommunication specialists reliably provide installation, technical support and maintenance, making sure that your IP phone system is functioning to its fullest and that you stay connected 24/7.