Hosted Turrets

Hosted Trader Platform

Turret as a Service (TaaS)

Market Communications Hosted Trader Platform is the latest technology which will change the way the Financial Industry does business. Turret as a Service (Powered by enepath) is a cloud-based Turret, Recorder and PBX solution which offers many more choices for your communications and compliance needs.

Our Hosted Solution is tailored for each customer, whether it's a single user or a Multi-user office environment. As growing trends change you will be able to upgrade without costly expenditures, while enabling your company to trade anywhere in the world with no equipment footprint, TaaS lowers facility costs, operational costs and eliminates Capital Expenditures.

Key Benefits:

  • Initial Cost Savings
    • No huge Capital Expenses
  • Savings
    • Recording + One year storage per turret included
    • MAC work included
    • Maintenance included
    • Moving is basically Plug & Trade
    • No Last mile private wire cost
    • No expensive DR sites
  • Geographic
    • Trade from anywhere
    • Have Multiple sites
  • Scalability
    • Grow as your business grows without increasing your equipment foot print.
  • On net
  • Flexible
  • Ease of use
12 Channel Speaker - Incredible clarity of screen, audible key-click, software that works the way a Trader works WE
Thin, light, powerful. All the functionality and usability one expects of a Turret, but the best mobility and business continuity in the market.
Fuse - The best of both worlds, Keys where Traders like them on the dial pad, on fixed funtion keys, with a Touch Screen to make keys flexible and dynamic. Moving between them is simple and intuitive.