EOL IPC Solutions

EOL Solutions

Don't Let the Manufacturer Make the Decision for You!

Since 1998 Market Communications has provided innovative strategies and service for the financial industry. Globally supporting IPC Trading Products while substantially lowering maintenance and MAC costs for all our customers.

When a manufacturer stops supporting an End of Life (EOL) product there are normally two choices to make - upgrade your current system or find a new manufacturer. Market Communications provides a third choice:

Keeping your current Turret and Recording systems, our engineers and technicians will maintain your trading system until you are ready to upgrade. After all, your company's timeline and budget should be the only factor when changing your trading system and not when the manufacturer's wants you to.

End of Life Turrets

When a manufacturer like IPC decides to discontinue supporting their turret system, this leaves many clients wondering how they'll be able to support their IPC Trading Turrets. Market Communications has maintained turret systems for End of Life Turrets since 1998. We're proud to be the largest secondary supplier of Trading Floor turret equipment in North America. We'll help you continue to use IPC turrets or any end of life turrets until you're ready to change. We believe it should be up to you to make the transition and when you're prepared to do so not when the manufacturer wants you to.

The most powerful, function-rich turret provides complete control over call history, contacts, speakers, intercom, and private lines. Extensive features and an intelligent user interface maximize traders' productivity. IQ/Max Comes with (1) Control Module (2) Button Modules (1) 8 Channel Speaker Module
IQ/Micro Comes with (1) Control Module (1) Button Module
IQ/Mini Comes with (1) Control Module (1) Button Module (1) 8 Channel Speaker Module
First IPC Turret that can be deployed on Customer IP Network. IQMX can be programmed with up to 24 Speaker Channel.
The Slimline is ergonomically designed. It is a free standing unit that does not require trough mounting or special desktop setup, therefore it requires less working space than the traditional turret (consolidated control/pagination module).